About Us

Our assets are our people. Our talented, resourceful and spirited people are the very best technically in terms of competence, always with an eye towards service and timeliness. That is our guarantee.

SLC is a progressive firm employing state of the art technological advantages. From research to tax planning and advice we use our electronic tools wisely to analyze the alternatives and to recommend appropriate courses of action. We are always on the look out for innovative technologies that will make our work more meaningful and seamless to the client.

In our several decades of professional service, our principals have gained immeasurable experience from their 'big four' and personal professional practices, while all the time providing practical business, financial and tax related advice that has helped numerous individuals and companies reach their full potential by maximizing their savings. Along the way our business has grown to adapt to new and exciting challenges to our business model, all the time continuing to offer our clients world class compliance and consulting services for all of their varied issues. As consummate professionals our principals have continued to grow and gain in experience with the company, while continuing to handle our clients' most complex and demanding requirements.

We provide research based business solutions through a community of high caliber & ethical individuals. We will be leaders through our creativity and vision, our ability to see the unseen opportunities, our abilities to solve unsolved and our ability to anticipate & manage changes.


  • Each of us takes pride in being part of an institution committed to excellence. We define excellence to be the best at what we do. As a professional organization, we develop and sustain the competence of all our people. The firm is well equipped with all modern amenities to remain updated academically and to dispose professional assignments in the best possible way at the earliest point of time.


  • Our success depends essentially upon providing our clients with creative solutions to achieve their goals. We listen to and understand our clients' needs and respond by delivering high-quality services. We build client relationship based on trust, respect and mutual understanding. We anticipate our clients' needs and are partners in their progress.


  • Our challenging tasks and our clients' needs for innovative solutions require that we use a multi-disciplinary approach and work in unison. We realize that the firm's success depends on co-operation, which converts individual efforts and expertise into high performance teams that exceed client expectations. We reward the individual, and celebrate the team.