Legal disputes consultancy

According to estimates, India has seen a rise in disputes arising out of increased business activity. Besides tarnishing reputation, disputes can disrupt the business foundation, resulting in project delays, funds shortage, blocking of monies and loss of business opportunities. PwC's Dispute Advisory Experts come with deep experience, in-depth skills and capabilities to provide independent expert opinion in business, technical, financial and commercial aspects of complex disputes and unsuccessful business arrangements.
This team has been the pioneer in emerging as strategic advisors to senior management, legal counsels and legal practitioners while helping them dissect and settle situations of conflict and disagreement between stakeholders.

Some of the Dispute Situations

  • 1. Pre-mature Contract Termination
  • 2. Joint Venture Disputes
  • 3. Shareholder Disputes
  • 4. Investment Treaty Disputes
  • 5. Mega Capital Projects Disputes
  • 6. Construction Disputes and Claims
  • 7. Infrastructure Sector Disputes
  • 8. Breach of Contract Disputes
  • 9. Purchase Price Disputes
  • 10. Transaction Disputes
  • 11. Intellectual Property Disputes
  • 12. Brand Disputes
  • 13. Securities Litigation
  • 14. Family Settlements
  • 15. Off-Court Settlements