What is Partnership Firm?

Partnership firm is a type of business where two or more person make an agreement for carrying a business activity. It has many benefits and its incorporation is easy, as it requires no minimum capital contribution for incorporation.

How Online Registration of Partnership Firm is Possible ?

Yes, Online Registration of Partnership Firm is Possible. You have to choose the right legal service provider like myonlineca which helps you to get done your Partnership Firm. Simply you have to place the request on this portal with the basic details & email the documents in the soft copy. Be Relax , you work has been done.

What is Partnership Firm Registration ?

Partnership Firm Registration is easy and simple. Partnership Firm can be incorporate by minimum 2 persons. There is no requirement of minimum capital contribution. You can incorporate your partnership firm through its registration with the Registrar of Firms or you can make a partnership deed, which should to be notarized so its optional registration of partnership firm.

What is Partnership Deed Registration ?

Partnership Deed Registration is optional part in case of the partnership firm. If you incorporate a partnership firm then you have to create a partnership deed between the partners. So if you want to enjoy file case or claiming on 3rd Party by partnership firm then you have to register your deed with the Registrar of Firms. In the each state or city there is regional office of Registrar of Firms for the same.